The ‘Education that Protects’ project: the ‘Education and Fragility Barometer’: an early warning tool to aid conflict prevention

The functioning of an educationsystem can provide indicators on how a country is‘performing’in terms of fragility and/or conflict. The ‘Education that Protects’ Project seeks to provide a mechanism to complement existing assessment tools for addressing issues of conflict. The idea of an education and fragility ‘barometer’ – or an early warning system, is one such mechanism. Of the existing conflict assessment tools, only CIDA and USAID specifically target education. USAID looks at both the impact of patterns of fragility oneducation and ofeducation on fragility; and CIDA outlines a number of conflict indicators, risks and monitoring measures for the political, economic, social/cultural, and institutional aspects of education and the impact of these on conflict. However, to complement these tools, a set of more practical indicators is needed that are more operational in terms of analysing the role of education in relation to fragility/conflict. The ‘education and fragility barometer’ offers a working tool that allows fragility comparisons to be made in schools and in countries, at local, national, regional and even global levels. 

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London, Save the Children
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