Aider l’état a délivrer le dividende de paix : le cas de l’éducation en RDC

Since the start of the Congolese peace process with the Sun City 2002 agreement, the DRC has experienced a substantial increase in aid flows. In our study, we ask whether this massive resurgence of development aid has contributed to state reconstruction. The rationale for the international (donor) community to sustain the public sector was “helping the Government to deliver a peace dividend for poor people”2 . Investment in education is considered part of this peace dividend, as education is one of the crucial assets that open-up opportunities for people in a peaceful society. In this paper we look at investments in education in the light of this objective to deliver a “peace dividend”. We first describe some spruced up facts of the recent evolution of the current education system. Then, we analyze the existing arrangements that constitute the education system as a “social compact” between state and society in the DRC. Finally, we discuss donors’ efforts in helping the state, specifically in the sector of primary education, to deliver the peace dividend.

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L'Afrique des Grands Lacs : annuaire 2009-2010
Paris, L'Harmattan
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