The Textbook writer's manual

This manual has been developed as a guide for textbook writers. The guidelines are provided around some critical issues that need to be considered by textbook writers for the production of more focused and appropriate textbooks, for the achievement of educational goals and objectives. It is recognized that textbook writing for specific subjects and levels of learners is guided by the national education philosophy, which in turn guides educational goals and objectives. In this regard, issues of concern that textbook writers need to bear in mind are:
- goals and objectives of education,
- learning theory as a guide to textbook writers,
- cultural reflections and textbook writing,
teaching and learning methodologies,
- integrated curriculum approaches in the textbook,
- assessing teaching and learning,
- consideration of language as a medium of instruction,
- gender responsiveness as a critical factor in textbook writing,
- language issues,
- technical requirements for manuscript production.

Addis Ababa, IICBA, 2005
Publishing year