What matters most in teacher policies? A framework for building a more effective teaching profession

The focus of the paper is the description of the conceptual framework to analyze and assess teacher policies, as well as a review of the evidence base that supports it. [...] The document is organized as follows. Section one provides an overview of the general approach, main components and objectives of the framework, as well as an explanation of the evidence base that supported its development. Section two focuses on the first component of the framework, and describes the categories that are relevant to produce a comprehensive descriptive account of the teacher policies that are in place in a given education system. Section three, in turn, focuses on policy guidance. It reviews those policies that, based on the available evidence to date, are known to matter most to improve student outcomes. It describes in detail the evidence supporting each of these policies, as well as the ways in which high performing education systems combine them to ensure outstanding student outcomes. The document concludes presenting an account of how the framework is expected to evolve as new evidence on teacher policies becomes available.

Washington, DC, World Bank, 2012
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