Promoting gender equality through textbooks: a methodological guide

This guide is divided into three parts, with annexes at the end. Part 1 draws attention to the importance of textbooks in good quality education policy, together with their various implications for Education for All and gender equality. It concludes that a critical review of textbook content must be conducted. Part 2 focuses on gender discrimination in textbooks. Using RIRRS research fi ndings, it endeavours to analyse existing gendered representations. Ideas are suggested for representations promoting gender equality. Tools for identifying and monitoring textbook representations are also offered. Part 3 explains the textbook environment. It highlights the actors involved throughout the textbook chain (those who produce and use textbooks) and the role they can play in the recognition of gender equality. It is illustrated with examples of activities and projects currently under way or already completed. Each part includes a “further reference” section with a selection of reference works on the subject under discussion. The annexes contain general resources.

Paris, UNESCO, 2009
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