Learning to live together: design, monitoring and evaluation of education for life skills, citizenship, peace and human rights

In this Guide, the authors focus on strengthening the curriculum dimension known as education for learning to live together (LTLT), which incorporates areas of life skills, citizenship, peace and human rights. They first argue for a holistic view of this dimension and for appropriate teaching learning processes. They then offer suggestions for monitoring and evaluation processes to answer one or more of the following questions - depending on circumstances:
For a traditional system:
Does our traditional schooling meet our current goals in the LTLT/life skills dimension?
For a pilot project:
Does our new LTLT/life skills initiative - in our pilot/model schools – achieve its goals?
For a system-wide initiative:
Does our recent system-wide LTLT/life skills initiative achieve its goals?
The autors also suggest the importance of building monitoring and evaluation of LTLT/life skills into:
- curriculum and textbook development programmes and centres
- teacher training systems
- national (or project) systems for monitoring and evaluation of schooling.

Eschborn, GTZ
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