Life skills – based education for drug use prevention training manual

The aim of the manual is to introduce teachers and others who work with young people to a way ofteaching drug education and other health issues such as HIV/AIDS, based on the development of links between knowledge values and skills. It is not a drug education program, but introduces ideas and skills for building programs that can lead to better health and drug education outcomes that may ultimately influence student drug use. The manual, along with training in its use, will give teachers and others working with young people, practical skills and knowledge in enhancing the personal and social competence of students through the development of Life Skills. This includes the acquisition of situation specific skills and strategies, while addressing values and knowledge relevant to decisions being made about drug use and similar issues like sexual health, HIV/AIDS and nutrition. The strategies and activities are relevant to all who have a role in addressing the physical, social, emotional and spiritual health and welfare of students.

Corporate authors