In my classroom: a guide to reflective practice

In My Classroom is meant to be used by teachers, student teachers, inspectors, subject advisors, principals, or others interested in improving educational quality at the classroom and school level. [...] In My Classroom starts out with two chapters that help the “facilitator” understand the purposes and principles of the materials. Chapter One describes the principles of the In My Classroom manual, and Chapter Two focuses on how to become a good facilitator. Chapters Three through Seven address specific topics.These chapters are structured in a similar way.The chapter begins with an introduction, and is followed by a series of activities.The activities are accompanied by some information in sections called Ideas to Consider. Each activity engages groups of teachers in discussion of the topic and how it relates to their own experiences.Teachers are asked to solve problems together and support each other in trying out new teaching strategies.The end of each chapter includes an activity for follow-up or checking on how the new ideas are working out.

AIR, USAID, 2002
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