Learning the way of peace: a teachers' guide to peace education

Part one [Chapters 1 and 2] of the guide discusses the nature of peace education and the concept of peace. Part two [Chapters 3 to 5] explores ways of integrating peace values into the school curriculum and various practices that make school a place of peace. It also introduces a large number of teaching and learning methods of peace education. Thirdly, Chapter 6 considers ways of developing staff in peace education. Chapter 7 suggests ways of reducing violence in school. Part four [Chapters 8 to 18] introduces a thematic model for peace education with 10 themes based on core peace values most relevant to education in our present global context. Each theme presents a conceptual analysis, intended outcome, classroom practices, hints for peace culture building and model learning activities. The last two chapters are on designing school programmes and evaluating peace learning.

New Delhi, UNESCO New Delhi, 2001
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