Chapter 6: Citizenship education in a divided society: the case of Northern Ireland

The main focus of this chapter will be on the development of proposals for the introduction of the subject Local and Global Citizenship as a statutory part of the Northern Ireland curriculum through the activities of the Social, Civic and Political Education Project (SCPE). [...] This study is informed by an understanding of curriculum at two levels. First, with regard to curriculum as structured learning experiences that are supported and informed by curricular documents, resources, training, assessment, and evaluation. [...] The SCPE curriculum defined in this sense may be seen as adopting a "peace-building approach". Second, the study is informed by the idea of curriculum as a legal framework for learning that takes place in schools. A major challenge relates the extent to which SCPE can carry over elements of the first definition of curriculum into the second. In other words, how far can statutory curricula be used to influence the way in which members of school communities relate to each other and to wider society?

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Education, conflict and social cohesion
Geneva, UNESCO-IBE, 2004
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