Strategic planning: organizational arrangements

This Education Sector Planning Working Papers series draws from a vast accumulation of "field-based" experience of IIEP staff members and consultants working with a diverse range of countries. The intention is to have a set of practical and easy-to-use guidelines on different aspects of the strategic planning of education that could be applicable in various contexts. These working papers have been prepared primarily for senior policy/decision-makers, for staff of Ministries of Education and national and regional institutions involved in technical aspects of planning and for international agency staff supporting national policy and planning. Working Paper 2, Strategic Planning: Organizational arrangements, provides guidelines for the preparation process of an education sector strategic plan. It outlines the need for such plans, and the way to organize the planners, policy-makers and the technical staff in the ministries – defining their roles and responsibilities and the mobilization of necessary resources. The Paper also highlights the importance of adopting a participatory approach so as to involve the different stakeholders in the planning process.

Corporate authors
Paris, UNESCO-IIEP, 2010
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