Interim evaluation 2010 – brief report: Education for Social Cohesion, Sri Lanka

The Education for Social Cohesion (ESC) in Sri Lanka project consists of two former projects that were merged and extended by the current phase. The two predecessor projects were ESC phase 1 (10/2005-09/2009) and Disaster Risk Management and Psycho-social Care (DRM&PC) (10/2005-09/2009). ESC phase 1 consisted of three components: 1) remedial education, which developed a self-learning manual for students having difficulties in passing the O level math exams; 2) second national language (2NL), which introduced the teaching of a second national language (Tamil / Sinhala) in schools; and 3) peace and value education (PVE), of which the main result was developing a Peace and social cohesion policy for the education sector. DRM&PC consisted of two components: 1) disaster risk management, which developed the national guidelines on school safety; and 2) psycho-social care (PSC), which established a guidance and counseling unit at the National Institute of Education (NIE), established PSC centers and trained counselors of the conflict-affected areas.

Eschborn, GIZ, 2011
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