Post-conflict educational reconstruction and development in Africa: workbook

This workbook accompanies the training workshop on Post-conflict Educational Reconstruction and Development in Africa through 22 sessions: 1.Why is there a need for education in emergencies and post-conflict reconstruction?, 2.Rights-based education, 3.Quality education, 4.INEE, the Minimum Standards and the Education Cluster, 5.Information needs, 6.&7.Planning for educational reconstruction in Arcazia, 8.Gender, 9.Youth, 10.Establishing education targets in early reconstruction, 11.Overcoming obstacles to educational access, 12.Alternative educational approaches for access and inclusion, 13.Teacher management, 14.Certification of learning attainments, 15.Prevention of future causes of conflict: ethnicity, religion & politics, 16.Learning materials in post-conflict settings, 17.Curriculum policy – post-conflict change for inclusive access, 18.Behaviour change programmes, 19.Education for peace, 20.Open session, 21.Emergencies and reconstruction: opportunities for transforming access to education?, 22.Reconstruction of education systems: lessons learned.

IIEP, 2009
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