Good enough guide training module

This Good Enough Guide Training of Trainers package consists of five modules, trainers' notes and forms and a suggested agenda.
Module 0 – Introductory activities. This is an introductory module, to introduce the training objectives and the ground rules. Participants will also get to know each other.
Module 1 – The key concepts. This module provides an overview of the Good Enough guide and of key concepts.
Module 2 – The 5 steps. This module explores the 5 steps of AIM.
Module 3 – The tools. The point of this module is to familiarise participants with the various tools in the Good Enough Guide. It aims at linking the 5 steps of AIM with tools to realize them in practice.
Module 4- Making accountability happen Participants will consider how they might apply what they have learned in their own work. This session allows participants to imagine how they can personally influence changes in their projects.

ECB, 2012
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