Post conflict performance indicators: recommendations of external panel review and next steps

International Development Association (IDA) established a framework to provide exceptional allocations to post-conflict countries starting in the IDA13 period. This framework addresses the special circumstances and challenges that countries emerging from conflict face; in particular that their regular performance based allocations from IDA tend to be low at a time when there is an intense need for resources with which to finance social and economic recovery programs. While this framework has been substantially modified in subsequent replenishment negotiations to incorporate lessons of experience, it retains several key features. First, only countries hard hit by conflict are eligible for exceptional post-conflict allocations. Second, the framework has a strong built-in emphasis on performance, with exceptional allocations determined based on country performance and phased out over time. Country performance is measured by a set of Post-Conflict Performance Indicators (PCPI), which are tailored to the circumstances faced by countries emerging from conflict. In this context the panel's report contains a set of practical and operationally relevant recommendations on how to enhance the PCPI instrument, both with respect to content and process.

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Washington, DC, World Bank, 2009
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