The rapid social response trust fund supports a resilience approach to evidence-based policy making

"Central America and Caribbean protection of youth vulnerable to violence and conflict" was a year-long knowledge exchange project supported by the World Bank's Rapid Social Response (RSR) trust fund (February 2012 to March 2013). Focusing on the education sector, the project used a resilience approach to address evidence needs on the complex and multivariate risks of violence and the knowledge gaps for relevant and effective response, especially for vulnerable children and youth. A resilience lens in education systems seeks to identify the assets and opportunities in difficult contexts to better respond to the adversities that affect schools. It also points to the role that education (and other relevant sectors, such as family and child protection) can play in reducing risks and mitigating exposure of children and youth to them. In violence affected contexts, resilience findings can support a policy dialogue on response, protection and prevention strategies, and programs.

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Washington, DC, World Bank, 2013
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