Sri Lanka's national policy on education for social cohesion and peace

In chapter 18, Lynn Davies describes her role as a consultant in Sri Lanka, supporting the development of a national education policy for social cohesion and peace. This policy aimed to bring together disparate peace-promoting activities into a coherent framework. More recently, Lynn evaluated the ongoing programme “Education for Social Cohesion,” which combines peace education, second national language learning, education for disadvantaged youth, psycho-social care and disaster safety education. For successful implementation, she emphasises the importance of realistic aims, strategic alignment with government policy, scalability, consistency, doing no harm, finding multipliers, multi-level targeting and monitoring and evaluation. She recommends that policies and programmes need to be embedded formally in an education ministry, but in a specifically targeted and structured way to enable continual review.

Main Title
Learning to live together: education for conflict resolution, responsible citizenship, human rights and humanitarian norms
Doha, EAA, PEIC, 2013
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