Education in emergencies and post-crisis transition: 2010 consolidated progress report to the Government of the Netherlands and the European Commission

The Education in Emergencies and Post-Crisis Transition (EEPCT) programme began in 2007 as a four-year partnership between UNICEF and the Government of the Netherlands. The overall goal of the programme is to support countries facing emergencies and post-crisis transitions as they seek to establish a viable path of sustainable progress towards quality basic education for all. The Government of the Netherlands contributed US$201 million and additional support of US$5.76 million was provided by the European Commission. The programme was later extended for a fifth year and is scheduled to end in December 2011. This report focuses on results achieved during the fourth year of the programme, although programming is cumulative and activities undertaken during previous years support results reported in 2010. The report is based on annual reporting from 27 country offices, six regional offices and four headquarters divisions. It also draws on findings from a Programme Review and Evaluability Study (PRES) and an independently commissioned Progress Evaluation (PREV) completed in 2010. 

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