Textbooks and other education materials: What key messages do we want to convey and how?
Safety, resilience, and social cohesion: a guide for curriculum developers
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Textbooks and other education materials are instrumental in guiding the development of competencies for student safety, resilience, social cohesion, learning to live together (LTLT), and disaster risk reduction (DRR), especially in contexts where textbooks, for all intents and purposes, are the curriculum. In such contexts, textbooks and other material can be very influential, for both good and ill. They can be harmful, for example, if they include negative stereotypes and bias. But they can also be an effective tool for advancing safety, resilience, and social cohesion because they have the potential to reach every school, student, and teacher. The emphasis in these booklets is on assisting ministries of education with the development of a realistic and sustainable process for enhancing its curriculum with key content related to safety, resilience, and social cohesion.

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