Study on field-based programmatic measures to protect education from attack

This study attempts to create a knowledge base of programmatic measures to protect education from attack. [...] The information in the study was compiled through an extensive document review, as well as from presentations by and personal communication with field practitioners, program managers, government officials, and others involved in the education, human rights, and child protection sectors. The study begins with a discussion of different types of programmatic measures to protect education from attack, and presents a few brief country-specific examples. The programmatic measures range from local initia tives for protecting education to governmental or systemic interventions and reforms intended to prevent conflict. It is important to note that no one programmatic measure is meant as a panacea, but should be part of a comprehensive approach to protecting education. The country-specific examples that follow illustrate how that particular type of programmatic measure is being implemented in the field and provide practitioners with a range of current programmatic measures to use as a reference for future program planning. The inclusion of certain programs is not meant to be evaluative, and what may be good practice in one situation is not necessarily the case in another. Therefore a discussion of considerations for program implementation follows the examples and practitioners must assess their own context carefully when making decisions about programming. One thing the study does show is that there are gaps in the evidence about what makes programs effective and a need for more evaluation and research to assess the effectiveness of interventions in order to increase our knowledge base and promote evidence- based programmatic responses. Finally, the study ends with an Annex of twenty country profiles that provide the reader with more information on the context of the attacks on education in that particular country and more details on the programmatic measures being implemented there.  


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