Policy brief: COVID-19 & its impacts on children's education in Zambia

Since 18 March 2020, when Zambia recorded the first case of COVID-19, education for more than 4.4million children and adolescents got disrupted –this potentially regressing progress made in attaining Sustainable Development Goal number 4, including the attainment of high quality primary and secondary education. Children's routines are also not the same, resulting in unprecedented stress among many.

The most vulnerable, including those living with disabilities and migrant children are most affected by the impacts of COVID-19 because they face additional vulnerabilities, as access to education is entirely in jeopardy during this period when gatherings and school access is limited.

World Vision's focus is on the well-being of children and improving the lives of the most vulnerable. In this publication, learn more about our response in collaboration with the Zambian Government and other partners, as well as our recommendations to help address the impact of the virus on children's education.


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