Navigating global guidance. The accessibility and use of child protection and education in emergencies guidance - research brief

The Global Education Cluster and Child Protection Area of Responsibility develop, commission and disseminate technical guidance on various topics to support practitioners around the world. To ensure these efforts are effective, they requested Translators without Borders to consult practitioners in three humanitarian contexts on the accessibility and use of the guidance. The findings presented here are intended to support organizations commissioning new content, adapting existing content, or considering disseminating content, to ensure it is as accessible and useful as possible to practitioners in emergency contexts. Research participants in Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique work in different conditions, but they flagged many similar constraints on their access to and use of guidance shared by the global clusters. The authors identified two types of barrier to document accessibility: barriers to physical access and barriers to understanding. They found that intended users face both types of barrier with Global Education Cluster and Child Protection Area of Responsibility resources.


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