Education in emergencies (EiE) training package
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Developed by INEE and the IASC Education Cluster, the EiE harmonized training package combines training materials from the original INEE Minimum Standards, IIEP and the Front Line Responders training packages. The materials include 19 modules with PPTs, Facilitator Guides and exercises as well as guidance on adapting the training materials.
Module 0 - Guidance and Time Tabling
Module 1 - The Rationale for Education in Emergencies
Module 2 - INEE Minimum Standards Framework
Module 3 - Technical Components for Education in Emergencies
Module 4 - Education in Emergencies Coordination
Module 5 - Action Planning and Follow-Up
Module 6 - Assessment
Module 7 - Programme Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
Module 8 - Links Between Education and Other Sectors
Module 9 - Contingency Planning
Module 10 - Early Recovery and Transition
Module 11 - Advocacy and Policy
Module 12 - Risk Reduction
Module 13 - Guidance Notes on Teaching and Learning
Module 14 - Human Rights and Accountability
Module 15 - Inclusive Education in Emergencies
Module 16 - Gender
Module 17 - Adolescents and Youth Programming in Education in Emergencies
Module 18 - Conflict Sensitive Education Training Module - 90 Minute
Training Module on Key Humanitarian Standards.

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