Learning to live together: education for conflict resolution, responsible citizenship, human rights and humanitarian norms
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The book is divided into three parts. Part One provides a brief overview of education for learning to live together, including in chapter 1 an overview of core subject matter, in chapter 2 the challenges of teaching for personal values and behaviour development, and in chapter 3 the importance of having a clearly defined and holistic policy accepted by key stakeholders, and effective implementation. Part Two comprises chapters contributed by practitioners and specialists. Section A of Part Two presents some reflections on the challenges of teaching for values development and behaviour change, and on the use of textbooks in this regard. Section B comprises four case studies that focus on or include education for citizenship. Section C presents three cases focused on education for peace, together with a review of peace education in Muslim societies. Section D introduces human rights education and education designed to explore humanitarian law. Section E reviews problems of and possibilities for teaching about a conflictual past. Section F focuses on the development of national and international policy and planning to better align education with the goals of peacebuilding and respect for human rights. Finally, Part Three offers some recommendations for future action.


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