Guidebook for planning education in emergencies and reconstruction
5 vol.

The Guidebook for planning education in emergencies and reconstruction helps the International Institute for Educational Planning accomplish its mission of strengthening the national capacities of UNESCO Member States in the fields of policy-making, educational planning and administration. The Institute pursues this mission by carrying out four complementary functions: The training of national senior educational personnel and teaching staffs and institutions; Research and studies pertaining to educational policy-making, planning and administration; The dissemination of the results of its work (publications, research workshops, policy forums) among policy-makers, civil servants, research workers, administrators and representatives of educational cooperation agencies; Operational support to specific countries, as well as advisory services to agencies, based on requests. Above all, the Guidebook will contribute to IIEP’s endeavours to coordinate existing knowledge and experience gained on this subject, and to promote research into new concepts and methods of educational planning likely to further economic and social development.


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