Peace education training manual

The current school curriculum addresses issues related to citizenship, patriotism and fostering of national unity, which are major aspects of Peace Education. However, in the recent times, Kenya has witnessed escalating cases of violence. This has manifested itself in forms of recurrent ethnic clashes and political violence culminating in loss of human life, loss of property and displacement of people, among a host of vices. The education sector has also been adversely affected through loss of workforce and disruption of teaching and learning. In response to the issues above, the Ministry of Education (MOE), in partnership with UNICEF and UNHCR, initiated the Peace Education Programme as a strategy aimed at using the education system as a platform for fostering sustainable peace. The Programme entails development of Peace Education support materials and training of staff in the education sector. The Peace Education support materials comprise the following: Training manual for education officers, teachers, administrators and school managers; Teacher Activity books for Primary and Secondary schools.


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