Teacher management in refugee settings: key recommendations

Teachers are the key to success in any education system. In refugee settings, the role of teachers is particularly significant, as they can provide crucial continuity and socio-emotional support. They are sometimes the only educational resource available to students, yet little is known about who are the teachers working in refugee-hosting communities. 

Over the past five years, IIEP has joined forces with Education Development Trust, with the support of Dubai Cares, to provide research-informed policy recommendations for more effective teacher management in refugee settings. This is critical not only for teachers themselves, but for the learning of millions of young people worldwide.

During this project, teachers from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda have shared their journeys – as teachers, and sometimes even as refugees themselves. As the research concludes, this series of five articles highlights global recommendations to help lead to durable solutions for refugees – and their teachers. 

Teaching and thriving in refugee settings (1/5)


Systems-level preconditions (2/5)

Teacher in front of the blackboard.


Teacher recruitment and Deployment (3/5)

Teacher in Ethiopia in front of blackboard.


Professional development (4/5)

Teacher writing on the blackboard.


Job conditions and career pathways (5/5)

Teacher with student in front of is school.


Access all research results, including Country Case studies, Policy Briefs and a film series that focuses on the lives of teachers working in refugee settings on IIEP's main website.