Where peace begins: education’s role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding
37 p.

Most people recognise instinctively the role of education in preventing conflict and in building peace. Most people also understand the dangers inherent in the abuse of education systems. Against this background, part of the purpose of this report is to set out – on the basis of Save the Children’s experience – what we believe to be the impact of conflict on children and on their education. The report also sets out our understanding of how education can make conflicts worse and how education – the right sort of education – can support peace. However, describing how the right sort of quality education can lead to peace and how the wrong sort can make conflict worse will only get us so far. We need to find ways of making quality education a reality in conflict-affected fragile states around the world. This is a challenge to us and many others in the international community to ensure good education before, during and after conflicts, and when peace settlements are negotiated. Peace begins in the minds of children. But how do we make sure children receive the quality education that will help them build peace?


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