Learning to live together: policies and realities in the Asia-Pacific
Edition Statement
4th ed.

This report will first present the research framework for the study, before exploring the social and economic contexts in the ten selected countries and wider regional factors in the Asia-Pacific in relationto global challenges in Chapter Two. Chapter Three will then examine national policy frameworks, including the vision of those policies in defining LTLT in education. Chapter Four focuses on the national curriculum in selected countries and the extent to which they incorporate learning objectives, subjects,and extra-curricular activities reflecting the concept of LTLT and related skills and competencies. In Chapter Five, teaching practices are examined, including the role of teachers and teacher education, as well as teaching methods and application of media and information literacy (MIL) in the classroom.Chapter Six then looks at assessment, and how far countries have attempted to develop assessmentframeworks that measure the skills and competencies related to LTLT. Finally, Chapter Seven provides reflections and conclusions based on the main findings of the study, while also identifying trends acrosspolicy domains, shortcomings and some policy considerations.


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