Curriculum, accreditation and certification for Syrian children in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt: regional study
148 p.

This UNICEF MENA study provides the first comprehensive review of the learning programmes available for Syrian children in the region, focusing on the curriculum, certification and accreditation challenges to inform policy and practice. The scale of the crisis and the displacement of Syrian children have, as this study reveals, adversely impacted on their right to an education. 2 million children are out of school in Syria and more than half a million children are out of school in neighbouring countries. This study describes the multi-layered barriers that Syrian children and families encounter in accessing education in Syria and the five neighbouring countries. It also documents different practices in the six Syria crisis-affected countries in the provision of curricula, content and certificates that validate (or not) the learning of Syrian children. The study is written with the hope of informing policy and practice.


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