Protecting education in the Middle East and North Africa region

The purpose of the Study is to examine how and to what extent education-related violations are being addressed (and may be addressed) through domestic law in MENA States. It analyses the extent to which MENA States have incorporated and currently implement the international legal frameworks for the protection of education in insecurity and armed conflict. In so doing, it builds upon BIICL’s previous work in this area, including Protecting Education in Insecurity and Armed Conflict - an International Law Handbook (the Handbook), and Education and the Law of Reparations in Insecurity and Armed Conflict (the Reparations Report), which were both prepared in close partnership with PEIC. Although studies on education in the MENA Region are available, they are often focused on specific issues such as the education of young children, their attendance at school, and the improvement of literacy rates, and do not consider all aspects of education or the obligation attached to the right to education. This Study fills this gap by applying a broad view of education and its protection under international law, as conceived in the Handbook, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of the protection of education in situations of insecurity and armed conflict in the MENA Region.


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