Joint Education Needs Assessment for out of school children (JENA)

The Joint Education Needs Assessment (JENA) is a comprehensive participatory education assessment for Out Of School Children (OOSC) in the non-governmental areas of the Northwest of Syria. JENA is conducted under the supervision of the Education Cluster the Turkey hub and Save the Children International (SCI), implemented and coordinated by the Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) with the cooperation of thirteen members of the Education Cluster all of them are Syrian Non-Governmental Organizations (SNGOs) namely, Ataa, Bahar, Banafsaj, Binaa, Bonyan, Education Without Borders (MIDAD), IhsanRD, Matar, Qudra, Sadad, Shafaq, Syria Relief and Takaful Al-Sham.


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