National survey on school resumption during COVID-19 pandemic

On October 12th 2020, Nigeria reopened schools after six months of closure to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Key to this re-opening was the decline in the number of daily infection cases in the country. This reduced to an average of 200 in September 2020 from a previous peak average of 700 in July and August 2020. Also, there were concerns on impact of prolonged school closure on school drop-out rates, learners’ academic achievement, number of out-of-school children and the effectiveness of remote learning. During the period of school closure.

The pre-resumption survey took place in October 2020 with all stakeholders in the education sector (parents/guardian, learners, teachers/facilitators and education managers) with a total of 7,403 respondents across Nigeria. Six months after the initial survey; the post-resumption survey was conducted in March, 2021.The responses over this period will be compared to determine if there is a change in perception, attitude or practices overtime.


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