The educational challenge: identifying barriers and seizing opportunities in higher education for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Policy recommendations and future strategies
Edition Statement
Primary results

This project aims at providing a comprehensive knowledge about the Syrian refugees in the Jordanian universities, and at analyzing the current state of the Syrian refugees registered at the higher education institutes in Jordan. In addition to search in the main issues, which the students face in further education, and the main challenges that had faced them or that might face them in the future.
This study will answer the following:
1. The educational, economical, and social features of the Syrian students at Jordan’s private and public universities.
2. The issues related to the enrollment process at the Jordanian higher education institutes.
3. The Syrian students perspective and opinion at the education system in the Jordanian universities.
4. The reasons behind enrollments in higher education and the challenges facing the Syrian students.
5. The nature of problems the Syrian students face in the Jordanian universities.
6. A look to the future and assessment for immigration options.


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