The effect of Covid-19 on education in Africa and its implications for the use of technology. A survey of the experience and opinions of educators and technology specialists

This report, and the survey findings behind it, provides a unique insight into the perspectives of EdTech experts regarding the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on education in Africa. It is based on the findings of a survey of the eLearning Africa network, which attracted approximately 1650 responses from respondents in 52 countries in Africa. 15 countries (29%) provide 1217 (73%) of the responses. 52% of the respondents are directly involved in the education sector and 9% are in the ICT sector. 71% work for government or not-for-profit organisations, and 21% for for-profit businesses. 40% are teachers / lecturers / professors, and 13% are ICT / EdTech specialists or entrepreneurs. The sample represents a group of experts rather than a cross-section of the population, yet the findings of the survey are undoubtedly significant.


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