Save our education now: an emergency COVID-19 education plan to get the poorest and most marginalised children safely back to school and learning

As we enter 2021, the world continues to grapple with containing the deadly spread of the COVID-19 virus. And education continues to be the silent victim of this pandemic.   

Save Our Education Now sets out five, evidence-based actions that governments should prioritize to ensure that children whose education has been disrupted by the pandemic can safely return to school and catch up on the learning they have missed out on. Our new analysis suggests that just over US$50 billion is needed from donors to implement these actions and protect the futures of the most marginalized children from the pandemic.  

The world needs to take urgent action now to get all children who were in school before the pandemic back to school. With a looming economic crisis that will hit poorest countries the hardest, the international community must step up and take action. They must fund this emergency package of interventions to support the safe return to learning for millions.

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