The Trials and triumphs of the Indian schoolteachers during the Covid -19 pandemic
P. 25-39
Journal of Education and Practice, Vol.12, No.15

The Covid-19 pandemic had a profound consequence on the traditional system of schooling. It underwent a complete transformation because of forced isolation, social distancing and closure of all physical schools. The ecology that used to support the school, namely the government, the parents and the society underwent a tumultuous time, each facing their own set of challenges. The Government policies had to be geared to meet the requirements of the pandemic and they kept changing frequently, the parents faced the anxiety of economic crisis, pay cuts and poor cash flow; the society saw deaths in unprecedented numbers. When the eco-system that supported the school was jarred, it had its ripple effect on the education system as well. This essay is focused on the impact the pandemic had on the psychological and financial well-being of the teachers and how they coped up with the situation and showed resilience to meet the challenges of the given crisis. It has been analysed in three stages –initial, middle and end of a year of online education as experienced by schoolteachers and Principals. It also highlights the learning and way forward from here. It has some useful suggestions for the policy makers and the school management.


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