Prioritizing learning during Covid-19: the most effective ways to keep children learning during and post-pandemic: recommendations of the Global Education Evidence Advisory Panel

The short- and long-term impact of the Covid-19 crisis on children’s education, wellbeing, and future productivity is profound. Almost two years after schools began closing in most countries across the world, governments need to take urgent steps to limit the damage.

Estimates suggest the economic cost of lost learning from the crisis will be in the trillions of US dollars if corrective action is not urgently taken. While many other sectors have rebounded when lockdowns ease, the damage to children’s education is likely to reduce children’s wellbeing and productivity for decades, making education disruption one of the biggest threats to medium- and long-term recovery from Covid-19 unless governments act swiftly. In addition to necessitating urgent recovery efforts, the pandemic offers a rare opportunity to rethink and reset education provision so children across all identities, socioeconomic backgrounds and circumstances can learn and thrive.

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