Analysis: Where are we now?
Safety, resilience and social cohesion: a guide for education sector planners
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How does our current education system protect students and teachers from the effects of disasters or conflict? Are our schools safe? What systems are in place to strengthen the resilience of the education system following a disaster? How does the education system promote (or discourage) social cohesion and national unity in our country? These are some of the questions to be investigated when working to improve safety, resilience and social cohesion.
This booklet identifies steps for ministries of education (MoEs) to consider when analyzing risks to the education system as well as to the safety and well-being of students, teachers and other education personnel. The collection and analysis of disaggregated quantitative and qualitative data as part this analysis will:
  • assist political leaders, senior ministry staff and other stakeholders to take action on these issues
  • help identify areas for policy revision or development (as discussed in Booklet 3)
  • inform priorities to include in educational plans (longer-term and/or annual plans).

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