Enforcing the right to education of refugees: a policy perspective
Working papers on education policy, 8

UNESCO published a new policy paper ‘Enforcing the right to education of refugees’ as a follow-up to the International Expert Meeting organized on the Right to education of refugees in Barcelona in December 2018.

The paper provides analysis and insights on how the right to education for refugees could be ensured from a policy perspective. It does so by reviewing the current status of access to education of refugees, using the scant data that is available in this area.

The paper also outlines some of the extensive barriers to education that refugees face, and presents practical examples, and promising measures taken by countries in order to ensure the inclusion of refugees in their national systems and better guarantee the fulfilment of their right to education.

As a result of the research, and invaluable contributions from the participants in the Expert Meeting, the publication provides a set of policy recommendations which are intended to offer guidance to Member States for the fulfilment of refugees’ right to education, responding to the ambition of inclusive and equitable quality education for all by 2030.


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