Education financing in Africa including emerging issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic
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The present document is a result of a programme undertaken by GCE in following its strategic objectives which were confirmed by the movement in 2018 during the world assembly of members of the GCE movement in Kathmandu. GCE is a campaigning organization, working in a three-level structure - national, regional and international. GCE has been working on Education Financing since 2015. The organization developed reports and tools to build civil society capacity in monitoring education budget and delivered two workshops in 2018 to emphasize on the principles and tools for pledge tracking.[…] In 2019 GCE proposed a continuation of this programme to the GIZ German Backup Education Initiative with a focus on Africa. The programme comprises of setting up data gathering tools, aggregating data and comparing them with publicly available sources, using these data for enhancing advocacy work. In addition to these outcomes, online learning courses were developed on education financing and advocacy which will complement the tool of this present report on Education Financing in Africa including emerging issues related to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Instead of writing two reports separating the issues of education financing and pledge and budget tracking from COVID 19 emergency and crisis responses, GCE opted for a wholistic description of the situation, how COVID 19 puts the achievement of SDG4 at risk and jeopardizing the hard-won gains on education financing.


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