Child-centred DRR toolkit

The toolkit is made up of 4 modules focusing on: 1. Training children on disaster risk reduction through the hazard, vulnerability and capacity assessment. This module contains guidelines for training with children, and a training manual with a series of training sessions and activities to conduct a child-centred HVCA. This module provides the foundation for a child centred DRR programme – as a participatory, HVCA process is key for a successful DRR programme/project. 2. Planning, monitoring and evaluating child-centred disaster risk reduction programmes. This module contains a framework for planning, monitoring and evaluating child-centred DRR, as well as important guidelines and tools for project/programme designing - such as child-centred DRR outcomes and indicators, and for designing project/programme designing - such as focus group questions. This module provides a more theoretical description of the child centred DRR approach and expected outcomes. 3. Action planning with children on disaster risk reduction. This module contains guidelines and tools for conducting action planning with children, including how to support children to develop and implement small scale DRR projects. 4. Advocacy with children on disaster risk reduction. This module contains an advocacy framework, guidelines, and case studies from Plan’s experience doing DRR advocacy work with children locally, nationally, and internationally. It also provides guidelines and tools for planning advocacy work with children.


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