Act now: Experiences and recommendations of girls and boys in East Africa on the impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 is currently wreaking havoc in countries around the world. The devastating health consequences of the virus are only the tip of the iceberg. The pandemic’s secondary impacts, such as loss of livelihoods, school closures and restrictions on travel and socialising have far-reaching effects on children and young people’s health, safety, education and well-being. Recent research conducted by World Vision reveals that this crisis puts children and young people at high risk of hunger, isolation, witnessing and/or experiencing violence at home and in their communities, child labour, early marriage, and online risks.

This consultation explores children and young people’s views and experiences related to COVID-19 and its indirect impacts. Firstly, it looks at children and young people’s perceptions of how COVID-19 has had an impact on their lives and countries. Secondly, it seeks to highlight the ways in which they are working to help to stop the spread of the virus and lessen its impacts.

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