School reopening in Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic
KIX Observatory on COVID-19 responses in Africa’s educational systems

This report synthesizes available policy and practice evidence on school reopening in 40 African partner countries of the Global Partnership for Education. It also addresses how the education needs of vulnerable and marginalized children – especially girls, displaced children, and those living in poverty – are being addressed in reopening strategies. It identifies common challenges facing educators as they try to safely reopen and address the learning needs of all children. The report highlights emerging evidence on reopening in the context COVID-19, and it concludes with six recommendations for GPE partner countries and development actors. 

This report is one of several outputs of the Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) COVID-19 Observatory, which aims to provide policymakers in GPE partner countries with actionable evidence to inform their decisions.

It has been developed with the intent to encourage and promote a culture of knowledge and evidence sharing about policy- and practice-level education interventions in response the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as targeted recommendations.


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