COVID-19 outbreak and education institutions in Indonesia: a critical analysis of the ministry of education's work efficiency
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

COVID-19 is a health crisis that is experienced by the world. Many countries decided to close schools, colleges, and universities. The Indonesian government decided to close schools and educational institutions and change the teaching and learning process through face-to-face turns into online learning. The transformation in this process impacts online learning for most teachers and students who have not adapted well. This study aims to analyze the relevant ministries in the education sector, which is less capable and less responsive, creating the right policy to face changes that occur and policy alternatives that should be taken by the government. This study uses the research method mixed method, that is a mixture of qualitative and quantitative with the type of concurrent triangulation to analyze each variable's relationship more accurately. The data source is secondary data sources derived from journals, online news, and previous research survey results. This study shows that there is still the occurrence of inequality of internet access and technology capabilities, especially in rural areas; therefore, online learning facilities and infrastructure should be improved so that there is no aggrieved party.


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