Rebuilding resilience in a changing world: conflict and crisis sensitive approaches to planning and programming for education systems
UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development: Education and Development Post 2015, Reflecting, Reviewing, Re-visioning, 12, Oxford, 10-12 September 2013

Conflicts as well as natural and man-made disasters leave devastating impacts on the economic and social development of countries. Education can play a critical role in reducing conflict and disaster risks, but can also perpetuate or even exacerbate the risks. Education actors increasingly recognize the dual role education can play, and are seeking to systematically integrate conflict and disaster risk reduction measures into their national education sector planning processes. Development partners are offering support in the form of tools, guidance and funding. This paper explores how the ministries of education in Haiti, Palestine and South Sudan have planned for the crises affecting their countries, and examines how agencies such as IIEP, INEE and UNICEF have developed different methodologies in support.


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