Penser et construire la paix par la conception des manuels scolaires novateurs: rapport de la première réunion interrégionale d'experts sur l'élaboration de principes directeurs pour promouvoir la ...
Inter-regional Experts' Meeting: Thinking and Building Peace through Innovative Textbook Design^pParis^y14-15 June^d2007

The experts' meeting "Thinking and Building Peace through Innovative Textbook Design" held in Paris 14-15 June 2007 brought together textbook developers, researchers and practitioners from countries of Europe and the Arab States to deliberate issues of quality at several levels. These discussions focused not only on the content of textbooks and learning materials, but also on their instructional design and use in a variety of learning contexts. The common agenda underlying the discussions was how to reinforce and expand their role as tools for peace as well as for gaining equitable access to knowledge and skills for learners of all backgrounds and abilities.


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