COVID-19 Education Response Webinar: Distance learning strategies: what do we know about effectiveness? Synthesis report

Distance learning, in all its various forms, has been taken up as a primary response to the school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. School buildings are closed and combinations of distance learning methods are being used to ensure that learning can continue offsite. These methods include mixed technologies – from online learning platforms and synchronous webinars to utilising public TV and radio broadcasting channels and paper-based assignments – and support and guidance for teachers, learners, parents and caregivers. Comprehensive national distance learning strategies should consist of planned rapid responses to solve immediate problems now, but they also need to formulate a vision for the future. This webinar gathered experts from around the world to discuss how countries are securing continued provision of learning under these difficult circumstances, and what steps they taking to harness technologies and new educational approaches for more effective and equitable access to quality learning opportunities in the future.


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